Quack Attack Retrievers,LLC.


The foundation is the start of our program.  At Quack Attack Retrievers we believe that every great dog starts with obedience.  In this program we welcome any breed.  We like to start our prospects at the age of 6 months.  This is the age that we feel benefits the owner and companion the most.  In this program we concentrate on the basics of being a gentleman or lady.  We will lay the foundation of obedience.

           *  Here:  Your dog will learn to resopnd to the commmand.

           *  Sit:  Sit means sit in our book/ stay

           *  Heel:   Walking and Standing

           *  Down:  We teach down as a no go position. 

           *  Kennel:  Both in a carry kennel and dog run.

(This is usually a 2 month program, depending on dogs progression rate.)


This is where the program really starts to progress.  At this level we will start to form the retriever.  All of the foundation work is included in this program.  This is one of the most important levels in our program for your dog.  This is the stage that your friend starts to learn their real purpose in life.  We will start to mold your dog into the hunter that he or she is supposed to be.

             * Bird Intro:  We will introduce the dog to live and dead birds.  Mainly duck and pigeons.

             * Gun Intro:  We will start to introduce live shots in a way to get your dog comfortable around the gun.

             * Collar Conditioning:  Intro to the E-Collar.

             * Force Fetch:  Lots of table and ground work to produce a solid fetch and delivery to hand.

             * Decoy and Boat intro:  We will start to bring the hunting situations to life, with these scenarios.

             * Verbal and Whistle Commands: Your dog will begin to understand what the meaning of words are. 

             * Single Marks:  We will work on both land and water marks, with different degrees of difficulty.

             * Steady to Shot:  A dog that will wait to go until told.

( At the end of this program you will have a well mannered Retriever with a solid foundation and should have no trouble competing at the AKC Junior Hunt Test level. 4 to 5 months)


At this stage of the game we are looking to push your retriever to their full potential.  We will start to introduce more complex training.  This is where your dog will begin to shine and make a solid all around hunting partner.  Everything from The Gun Dog Basics Program will be taught at this level and much more.

             * Whistle Commands:  Whistle stop commands will be taught.

             * Pile Work:  Getting your dog to start running solid to piles.

             * 3-Way Hand Signals:  Will start to understand the basics of blind retrieves.

​             * T-Pattern (Land and Water, Double T-Pattern, Swim By)

             *  Double Retrieves:  We will start running double marks and land and water.

             *  Blinds:  Dog will learn to run both land and water blinds.

( We hope to have a well rounded retriever by the end of this program.  You will have a great companion and a great hunting buddy.  6 to 8 months)


We run many hunt tests each year.  If you are interested in having your dog run hunt tests please feel free to contact us about the details of this training program.