Quack Attack Retrievers,LLC.


Puppy Deposit Contract


Choice selection of puppies is given according to deposits received.  Deposits will be through Pay-Pal or by personal check.  Please verify by phone or e-mail that you are sending a deposit.  Pick placements will be held for 7 days while deposit is en route in the mail.  If not received within 7 days puppy pick will be applied when deposit is received.  Puppy pick must be made by 6 weeks of age, pick up at 8 weeks of age, and boarding will be charged after 9 weeks.  Boarding fee is $15.00 per day. Puppy picks can be made by pictures, in person, or Quack Attack Retrievers can pick a puppy according to your description and availability.  Photos +/or videos will be placed on Facebook as well as our website of puppies from birth until placement in their new homes. If preferred they can be sent by e-mail or text. (Sire & Dam owners have the right to first pick of the litter at any time if they so choose)

Sire and DamĀ­____________________________________________                           Color and sex of Pup: ____________________________     Check all that apply.  Pup will be used for:   Waterfowl______ Upland ______Companion _____Competition ____Working   ______    Breeding ________ Agility_______ Service dog_____

Due Date or Date of Whelp (birth) of litter: __________________________________

Deposit of $350 will be applied towards purchase price, checks made out to Quack Attack Retrievers.  Final payment can be made any time before or at pick up time.  FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE BY PAY-PAL OR CASH, NO PERSONEL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNLESS RECEIVED 3 WEEKS BEFORE PICKUP FOR BANK CLEARANCE.


By signing below, I acknowledge that I have both read and agree to the conditions set forth in this contract. I further acknowledge that I understand that this deposit is non-refundable (except in the case that the puppy becomes unavailable), and will be forfeited if I decide not to take delivery of the puppy as agreed.  

New Owner Signature: ________________________________________Date:__________

Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________





Cell:________________                                           Email:_________________________________


Mail deposit to:  Quack Attack Retrievers 

                          1024 N. Plaza Rd

                          Emmett, ID 83617

                          Phone: 208-860-8818 or 208-859-4762 


We would appreciate knowing how you found out about our kennel.  Please let us know below;